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Code of Honor

All life is sacred, especially human life. Life is to be protected, at all cost.

1. Healing Hands are open to all Neutral doctors, and to all Neutral Atrox Enforcers that are willing to protect the Hands.
2. The Healing Hand takes no part in the conflict on Rubi-Ka. No side is favoured.
3. Healing should be given freely to everyone in need

1. The Healing Hands do not do PvP, nor do we support it.
2. We are allowed to protect ourselves, and members of the Healing Hand.
3. In a PvP situation, we will heal whoever wants or needs our help.
4. We will NOT buff characters in PvP, or characters on there way to PvP

1. We do not take any charge for our services they are given freely.
2. Donations and sponsoring are accepted.