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Currently we are accepting new applications. Send a description and motivation why you would be a great member of the Healing Hands to the President, Electronix4:

An old message from the former President, Doctor Poff:


My name is Doctor Poff, one of the founders of The Society of the Healing Hands.

The Healing Hands is a newly formed organisation of Doctors that will dedicate their lives to help those in pain and need.

When I first arrived on Rubi-Ka, the sights and the scenery overwhelmed me, but the ongoing conflict slowly took away my enthusiasm over the planet's wonders. Wherever I went, I found people fighting, killing each other. Fighting over things I thought we had evolved beyond thousand of years ago.

Now I had a new purpose in life, to alleviate the suffering around me. I met up with two kindred spirits, Mosca and Teamdoc. Together we founded The Healing Hands.

We are a few Neutral Medics, from Nurses to Surgeons, that has the sole purpose of helping and healing.

As the need for our services never seem to end, we are always looking for new members that will help us in our cause.

If you are interested you can contact me on or send a tell to docpoff.

More information on The Healing Hands can be found on: Http://

As Rubi-Ka for the moment is a dangerous place, our travelling doctors is looking for Bodyguards.

For the moment we are only accepting Neutral Atrox Enforcers, but if you are neutral and interested in our cause, don't hesitate to apply.

Doctor Poff