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This page will describe the internal structure and how we are organized. At the moment we are not really enough people to make this work. Currently the Circle of the Hands is formed by DocPoff(Lord of the Hands), Mosca(Visionary of the Hands) and Teamdoc(Secretary of the Hands).

Healing Hands will be governed by a council of 6 persons - The Circle of the Hands - consiting of:

  • Lord of the Hands.- Clan Leader
  • Treasurer of the Hands - Money
  • Consignee of the Hands - Materials
  • Secretary of the Hands - Information
  • Visionary of the Hands - The Future
  • Lord Protector - Security

Protectors of the Healing Hands.

The Healing Hands are actually dived into two sections, one consisting of all the doctors, usually called the Hands. The Lord Protector governs over the other section, The Protectors of the Healing Hands that consists of Atrox Enforcers, sworn to protect the Healing Hands and the innocent. If possible, a Protector should follow a doctor when doing missions, teaming, etc.


Discussions have been on an own internal ranking system but nothing is decided, the following is one of the suggestions.

Ranks are given depending on level, deeds, and dedication to the society.

    • Assistant Nurse
    • Nurse
    • Senior Nurse
    • Assistant Doctor
    • Doctor
    • Specialist Doctor
    • Surgeon
    • Senior Doctor