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August 5 , 29.476 A.D - Updates has been really slow here. But now finally here is the Healing Hands Wiki! Now anyone can update webpages!

June 20, 29.476 A.D - Got some tips from Mosca and Electronix4 about usefull web-sites so our Resources page has been updated once more. Also found this doctors only forum at, must be worth checking out.

June 8, 29.476 A.D - The Dream Date Auction. Luxurea pulled off an amazing event! And she managed to raise the incredible amount of 104 million credits! For this she deserves a place on the Board of Honor!

May 13, 29.476 A.D - Prez Party! To celebrate our new President and to thank the marvelous, the one and only DocPoff, we will have a Party on thursday! Everyone is welcome, beers are served from 19:00 RST in Reets Retreat, Glass room.

May 8, 29.476 A.D - We have elected new President!! Today at 20:30 RST the Healing Hands President Election ended and it was an extremely hard fight among DocPoff and Electronix4. Mr Herschel "Electronix4" Shorts won on 1 vote!! Congratulations Electronix4 and many thanks to DocPoff who has made a splendid work so far!

May 7, 29.476 A.D - Due to a overloaded storage system our Forum have been frozen for 2-3 days. But now its back online!

May 1, 29.476 A.D - New Event. On sunday, May 5th, we will have a lab exercise. We start to gather Monster Parts and meet at 15:00 GMT in Borealis, near the whompa to head out for the hunt. Read more here.

May 1, 29.476 A.D - Updated our resource page with useful information about time conversion. The Time-Converter helps you to convert GMT time into any other timezone as well as vice versa.

April 2, 29.476 A.D - Updated our resource page with useful information about the in-game bots you can find.

March 21, 29.476 A.D - Updated our resource page with a couple of links to other website that are useful for docotrs. AO Med Center is the most usefull Doctors site we have found so far and definetly good looking.

March 20, 29.476 A.D - New guildmeeting today and got one more member, Luxurea. We talked most about the 10 most important questions for Neutrals. Meeting notes here. Discussion in the forum here.

March 19, 29.476 A.D - DaiGalean wants to know the 10 most important questions for Neutrals, take a look at the Neutral Forum.

I hope we can disucuss this a bit tomorrow in the guild meeting. See ya!

March 6, 29.476 A.D - Another guildmeeting tonight. Have made a page where we store the logs from these meetings if someone misses them. Also added some software under our resources page.

February 28, 29.476 A.D - Some evil doctor called Reihnd, if I have been informed well was conducting some expereiments on how to change teh supression gas levels. He was just about to try it out in Borealis when two of his colleagues with a better sence for humanity called for help. Doctor "Rezsma" and Doctor "Tissa" got a quick response from the local neutral community living in Borealis and soon the word had spread and the place was crowded with people who wanted to prevent this. After an hour of intese fights finally Reihnd was taken care of.

Two photos I managed to take.

Can you see the Mechdog the people are fighting?

February 28, 29.476 A.D - On saturday there be the first meeting of the Neutral Council. We have been asked to provide healing if the meeting is beig attacked, tell Abrii or Nonose if you can come and help.

February 27, 29.476 A.D - I was quite alone today. I think we have forgot to inform everyone that starting a couple of weeks ago, we have guild meetings in our office every Wednesday at 22:00 RST(GMT). At the moment the office is in Backyard no 5 in Newland City.

February 16, 29.476 A.D - Tonight there will be meeting for all leaders of neutral guilds. We will be there, but it caught som curioisity of Teamdoc who created this list of all Neutral Guilds he could find. Also the pages have been updated with new members and also a bit about our organisation.

January 23, 29.476 A.D - Finally had the time to write up the report on the march, read it here.

January 20, 29.476 A.D - The Peace March was very successful! A full report on the march will come.

January 17, 29.476 A.D - The word is spreading about the march. More and more people hear about it, and it looks like we can be a lot of people on Saturday. Check out what some says.

January 16, 29.476 A.D. - Todays development is even more worrying than the previous weeks, it definetley looks like a war is coming up. PLEASE! Help us to show there are a lot of people on Rubi-Ka who cares about the Peace. Join the March!

Have also added more information and maps of our route!

January 11, 29.476 A.D. - The future does not look good! After reading the new and talking to friends we have realised something has to be done to keep the precious Peace. Together with several other neutral guilds we will organize a Peace March next Saturday, January 19th, see this page for more information.

January 4, 29.476 A.D. - We have just returned after a long vacation to one of the moons of Rubi-Ka! We went skiing for several weeks with almost perfect conditions. Now we have returned with renewed energy to help anyone in need and suffer!

January 1, 29.476 A.D. - Happy New Year!

November 22, 29.475 A.D - We had our first official event, read more.

November 21, 29.475 A.D - Dragonoc joined as the 8th member.

Here we see Teamdoc and Docpoff on either
side of the happy new member Dragonoc.

November 15, 29.475 A.D - We just formed the guild within the game. Formed by Docpoff, Tazmin, Brioni, Teamdoc, Mosca and Windshear.

November 11, 29.475 A.D - Just finished the first draft of the Healing Hands webiste. Also made two different logos, see them here. /Teamdoc