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The Society

of the
Healing Hands

Welcome to the website of the Society of the Healing Hands. We are a group of doctors that try to minimize the suffering on Rubi-Ka. We do not take side in the conflict, instead we try to help those in need.
Latest News

August 5 , 29.476 A.D - Updates has been really slow here. But now finally here is the Healing Hands Wiki! Now anyone can update webpages!

June 20, 29.476 A.D - Got some tips from Mosca and Electronix4 about usefull web-sites so our Resources page has been updated once more. Also found this doctors only forum at, must be worth checking out.

June 8, 29.476 A.D - The Dream Date Auction. Luxurea pulled off an amazing event! And she managed to raise the incredible amount of 104 million credits! For this she deserves a place on the Board of Honor!

May 8, 29.476 A.D - We have elected new President!! Today at 20:30 RST the Healing Hands President Election ended and it was an extremely hard fight among DocPoff and Electronix4. Mr Herschel "Electronix4" Shorts won on 1 vote!! Congratulations Electronix4 and many thanks to DocPoff who has made a splendid work so far!

May 7, 29.476 A.D - Due to a overloaded storage system our Forum have been frozen for 2-3 days. But now its back online!

May 1, 29.476 A.D - New Event. On sunday, May 5th, we will have a lab exercise. We start to gather Monster Parts and meet at 15:00 GMT in Borealis, near the whompa to head out for the hunt. Read more here.

May 1, 29.476 A.D - Updated our resource page with useful information about time conversion. The Time-Converter helps you to convert GMT time into any other timezone as well as vice versa.

April 2, 29.476 A.D - Updated our resource page with useful information about the in-game bots you can find.

March 21, 29.476 A.D - Updated our resource page with a couple of links to other website that are useful for docotrs. AO Med Center is the most usefull Doctors site we have found so far and definetly good looking.

March 20, 29.476 A.D - New guildmeeting today and got one more member, Luxurea. We talked most about the 10 most important questions for Neutrals. Meeting notes here. Discussion in the forum here.

March 19, 29.476 A.D - DaiGalean wants to know the 10 most important questions for Neutrals, take a look at the Neutral Forum.

I hope we can disucuss this a bit tomorrow in the guild meeting. See ya!

March 6, 29.476 A.D - Another guildmeeting tonight. Have made a page where we store the logs from these meetings if someone misses them. Also added some software under our resources page.

more news

Currently we are looking for more members.

Contact us at the President at