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The following tools and features are provided to easy the activities and growth of the Healing Hands.

Yahoo Group, with a mailinglist and a calender.

A forum for discussions and polls.

Useful software

NanoNanny - helps you to create the right implants

AO Mission Display - quickly displays all information about missions OBS - OMD does not work any more. Use ClickSaver instead.

ClickaSaver - same functioality as AOMD but it works.

AMacrO - an nice tool to change and keep track of macros

New In-Game map - this map replaces the map you get when pressing 'p', includes much more information and gives the correct coordinates.

The Online Traveller has a great map of Rubi-Ka where people can add there own Points of Interest.

Useful websites

AO Med Center - A very good doctors site with several lists of Heal Nanos and others, as well as tips on how to create Blood Plasma and Treatment Labs. A doctors must.

Rubi-Quest's Doctors Nano list

Anti-Guardians - lot of use full stuff, a lists of all Doc Nanos, an Item Database, character Information and Statistics, to mention some.

The fabulous Omni Dr. Auno has his share of stuff too - check it out.

The AODoctors forum.

Time Converter - a very usefull site to figure out when things take place.

Abrevations - anothether time related site that explain all those cryptic timezone abrevations.

Our own Tips

How to earn some extra cash.


Script to execute each time some thank you for a spontanious heal.

In-game Bots

Within the game there are a number of usefull bots that help you witht he life on Rubi-Ka. Here is a list of those we know.