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Lab Exercise
Monster Part Gathering

An important but not well known aspect of the doctor profession is the mastering of a lab. A good doctor knows how to make all kinds of pharmaceuticals though he/she does not necessarily need to produce them.

To spread the knowledge within the guild as well among others we will arrange an open event next Sunday that will concentrate on the creation of Emergency Treatment Labs. These labs are not so well known compared with the ordinary Treatment Labs but they are superior in comparison.

Next Sunday, May 5th, at 15:00 GMT(17:00 CET, 10:00 am EST) we will meet in Borealis, near the whompa to head our for the hunt. The following areas will be visited to gather as much Monster Parts as possible.

  • The Cave outside Lush Resort
  • More will come ...

When finished with this around 18:00 GMT we will gather once more in Borealis and start producing the Emergency Treatment Labs. We start to convert all those Monster Parts into Blood Plasma using Bio Communitors. This page describes the process in detail.

But to make the Treatment Labs we need quite some equipment have to stay quite close to the Generals Stores to buy all needed equipment. The following items are needed to make an Emergency Treatment Lab:

  • Antiseptic Jar
  • Mimicing Cellular Oil
  • Revitalising Serum
  • Blood Plasma
  • Treatment Laboratory
  • Bot-Injector

More information on how to create these and what skill is needed look at this page.

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