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Useful Bots in AO

This page is a list of those useful in-game bots we are aware of. In general, to find out how one works send help to it and it usually respowns with some helpful text. The texts below are teh help responses for these bots. These bots are based on AO HackersQuests Chat Perl Module.


Welcome to NeutBot v2.1 - your personal assistant in the Anarchy of commerce! Commands are:

  • comment <message> - Leaves a comment about NeutBot to the author. Send bugreports etc. this way, please.
  • about - More about NeutBot, recent changes, where to send complaints, etc.
  • find <from ql>-<to ql> <searchwords> - Forwards messages from shopping channels about items matching the words in <searchwords> to you.
  • search [<from ql>-<to ql> <searchwords>] - Searches the auctions. Use as "find", or without arguments to search for items matching any of your requests.
  • list [requests|bids|auctions] - Lists request, auctions and bids you have registered.
  • info <auction ID | item reference> - Give more information about an auction (if ID) or how many wants an item (for reference).
  • sell [minimum price] <item reference> - Registers a new auction with an optional minimum price for an item.
  • bid <auction ID> <credits> - Registers a bid on the auction with ID as given by "search" and "find" commands.
  • remove <request ID | auction ID> or delete <request ID | auction ID> - Removes the request or auction with the ID supplied.
  • help [command] - Give you help about [command].

Example: "/tell neutbot find 44-56 senpai" will forward you all messages with the 'senpai' appear in the message, and where the item has a QL between 44 and 56.


YalmBot v0.3 by Xtense. Function list :

  • p - explains you what I'm here for
  • add me - adds you in my list of people searching for a yalm
  • rem me - removes you from that list
  • online - tells you who is online and want a Yalm
  • ext - extended help menu


AuctionBot V1.1

Command list:

  • news - To see the latest AuctionBot news
  • sell <itemlink> <time in hours> <min bid> - To place an item for auction.
  • bid <auction no> <amount> - To bid on an auction.
  • complete <auction no> - To mark an auction as complete once the item is exchanged.
  • fail <auction no> - To mark an auction as failed if you are unable to obtain the item or payment.
  • remove <auction no> - To remove an auction if there have been no bidders.
  • search <key words> <LowQL> <highQL> - To search currently open auctions.
  • inspect <auction no> - To receive an item link for an auction.
  • watch <auction no> - To receive bid notifications for an auction.
  • view - To see the status of your auctions.
  • comment <comment> - To leave a comment to the author of AuctionBot
  • feedback view [username] - To view public comments about another user, omit username to view your own feedback
  • feedback <username> <comment> - To leave public comments about another user.


Thanks for using ItemBot, the helpful item reference database!

Here are your options:

/tell itembot search QUALITY SEARCHWORDS (QUALITY MUST be a number from 1 to 200 and is optional)

EXAMPLE: /tell itembot search 126 yalmaha
Questions? Comments? send a tell to Rijandel


Hello, here is my command list

/tell helpbot whereis avalon

/tell helpbot roll 1 20

/tell helpbot 222 333 888 999

/tell helpbot whois somebody

also, /tell helpbot changes, version, about, flip, skin, help, nanonanny, compass, colors, aomd, level, feedback, secret